Senior Environmental Engineer

Dr. Hangal has been involved in preparation and review of over 1,000 air permits in several states. The types of industries include batch chemical plants, chemical process industries, pulp and paper mills, resource recovery facilities, composting plants, sludge processing and incineration facilities, and manufacturing plants. He assisted in development of permitting and compliance strategies, preparation of regulatory impact analysis, and agency

Dr. Hangal was contracted as the greenhouse gases assessor for SGS International Certification Services, Inc. He developed accurate and verifiable
greenhouse gases inventory as well as tracking systems for industrial companies. He created management system to obtain and manage accurate
carbon equivalent data at industrial companies.

He developed indirect and direct carbon tracking system for energy reduction activities as well as packaging and transportation across the supply chain. He conducted an energy audit for multiple facilities to assess energy savings and carbon footprint reduction opportunities. He developed plans for carbon foot printing for industrial companies across the supply and value chain. Dr. Hangal developed and maintained Risk Management Plans (RMP) under both Clean Air Act and New Jersey Toxic Catastrophic Prevention Act (TCPA) at industrial companies including Process Safety Management, operator training, emergency response and accident prevention planning and Inherently Safer Technology Assessment and conducted RMP/TCPA compliance audits.

Responsible Care and Environmental Management Systems Registered environmental management system lead auditor. Contract third party ISO14001 environmental management systems Registration lead auditor for SGS International Certification Services, Inc. He worked with different levels of management and production staff at industrial facilities including chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing in developing system level procedures and documentation for various elements of Responsible Care and Environmental Management Systems including Hazards or aspects evaluation and ranking system, objectives and targets programs, training, operational control programs, emergency preparedness and response, and checking and corrective actions. Developed a product stewardship program working with management at a major chemical company. Developed EMS audit plans and conducted internal EMS audits at numerous facilities.

Wastewater, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Prepared and reviewed solid waste permits for municipal solid waste composting facilities and
resource recovery facilities. Prepared NPDES permits, wastewater discharge permits, sewer use permits, groundwater discharge permits, and treatment works approval permits for industrial facilities. Evaluated waste disposal and treatment options at several industrial facilities. Negotiated effluent trading agreement between two industrial facilities. Conducted storm water inspections, prepared storm water management plans, and prepared storm water permits. Prepared several spill prevention, control and countermeasure plans and facility response plans.

Ph.D., Environmental Hygiene Science and Engineering, University of Cincinnati
M.S., Environmental Sciences, University of Texas
B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Mysore