About Us

Combining environmental, construction experience with engineering savvy, our experts deliver services to public and private companies across the U.S. Cornerstone also builds lasting relationships with our valued subcontractors, vendors and suppliers; providing our clients cost savings and enhanced project team cooperation with various trades.

Cornerstone Technologies, Inc. engineers, project managers and construction managers bring decades of diverse experience and a 25 year history of success.

Our Team

Sunil Hangal, PhD
Senior Environmental Engineer

John R. Talbot, CISEC, QSP, QISP
Principal Project Manager

Charles L. Cannon
Environmental Engineer

Rob Bainter
Project Manager

Thomas P. Schmidt, JD
Corporate Counsel

Bradley A. Sims, PE
Civil Engineer

Scott R. Fagan, RG
Professional Geologist

Andrea Cheng
Environmental Consultant

Ryan Berlino
Environmental Consultant

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